The Jeff Beck Band 2014 Jeff Beck Band







Jeff Beck Band – Australia 2014

JB JAPAN 2014 phot by Junichi Arai







Jeff Beck Band – Japan 2014

Jeff Beck in Nagoya with Fans







Jeff Beck Band-  tour with Brian Wilson

Jeff Beck Brian Wilson Tour


33 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. mike rene

    love the amp effect – even the dials move reminds me of the american garage type studios of my youth – you are like a great wine – improving with age – didn’t think vinnie was replaceable but joseph on drums is monster – saw him i think with mike stern

  2. Azhar Ali Zafar

    Really nice, your style of picking guitar and using really simple techniques but blended with lots of complexity is amazing and your termelo control is out of this world. Really really nice, no words to explain your music….

  3. Dick Wyzanski

    Great to see you back live with such a dynamite new band pushing the envelope. The first Beckolgy took twenty five years. It’s been another twenty five since then……Here’s to the next twenty five!

  4. Dean

    Jeff Beck IS the best guitarist in History! Inventor of Psychedelic music. Can play anything with amazing skill. And he never rests on his laurels, always pushing the envelope and he is amazingly humble. Would really like to see Jeff incorporate some old Yardbirds numbers in his show like New York City Blues, I’m Not Talkin, Over Under Sideways Down. Thanks for your dedication to creativity and excellence.

  5. Bazzer

    Hi…like the revamped site and the article regarding Rod…I sort of agree with Jeff that probably never the twain will play again, but there is always hope. I hope Jeff returns back to Blighty, can’t wait to hear the new line-up. JB is always one step ahead of the game. And yes still the No1 guitarist in the universe…..can’t get over some of these polls that put people like May/Knofler above him…don’t even get me started on the newer axe players…TRUTH & Live Jan Hammer Band albums never can be bettered!!!!

  6. Vince

    Jeff, caught your amazing shows last couple of times your rolled through Montreal. Hope this post finds you well and we get to see you on this tour!

  7. Dale

    You can see Jeff’s guitars on you tube also there is an interview where Jeff’s showing and talking about his cars and there are some real beauties. Check it out.

  8. Dr Bradford Lane Romans

    Thank you Mr Jeff Beck.u keep opening my ears to new sounds from that guitar of yours.I had to get a sea foam green one for myself.Hope to see u again soon in Dallas.You,Freddie King,and Jimi changed my life forever.God bless and keep it commin…Doc

  9. Steve Hotchkiss

    Hi Jeff, You have been my favorite musician on the planet since the early seventies. I always catch your shows when your in the NJ area. Can’t wait till the next one. Every show is fresh and new. I’m thinking I may need to take a European vacation in July. Rock on!

  10. Brien Comerford

    Good luck with the Japan concerts Jeff. You remain the most inimitable and nonpareil guitarist on the planet. Thank you for loving animals and for being a humane vegetarian since 1969. God Bless you !

  11. Tony Sussman

    Absolutely thrilled to hear you’ll be touring with ZZ Top!I’ve seen you many times over the years,always a treat.I’m hoping you’ll be hitting the Tampa area.If not I’ll be there in St.Augustine!

  12. Michael G

    Got Beck’s Bolero as my ring tone drives my staff nuts… I tell them all about you. Looking forward to Melbourne gig.

  13. Jerry Solomon

    I have seen Mr. Beck three times Atlanta ,Austin Tx ,and Nashville Tn . Amazing sounds That comes out of his fender you don’t want to see the show end . Mr. Keep on making those sick sounds sometime I think you amaze your self . Cheers your fan Jerry !

  14. Herve LE BORGNE

    The first time I heard Jeff was “Cause I love you” with Lord sutch.
    The only guitarist who is diverted from him is Roy Buchanan.
    Jeff will remain for me the greatest of all levels of guitar playing.
    My only concern is not to have seen at least once live before it terminates tours.
    Thank you to you Jeff for all these moments that are worth listening tons of valium.
    Again thank you Jeff.

  15. John Davila

    Just saw Jonathan at Churchill’s in Miami, wow was introduced to him nicked him Ironman . can’t wait to see the Band down here.

    John Davila

  16. Rick Thibert

    Jeff just caught your tour with ZZTop at Chateau St Michele winery in Washington State you and the band were absolutey awesome! Keep Rockin!!!

  17. Brien Comerford

    When I hear Jeff play live in concert I am convinced that there is a God/Higher Power. His 2010 through 2014 concerts have been the best ever. Best wishes to Jeff, Sandra, their pets and Folly Wildlife Rescue.

  18. Rob

    Like Dick Clark, Jeff does not seem to age like the rest of us. Perhaps fluid guitar playing is the ‘fountain of youth’.

  19. preston hope

    i met jeff on the set of days of thunder .1990 catering department.said thanks for all the years of great music.again many thanks
    preston hope

  20. Jessica Mastri

    Looking forward to taking my son to see Jeff and the band play in Greensburg Pennsylvania! Lucky to show my son some real talent! Can’t wait! 4-26-15

  21. John

    Fantastic show last night in Greensburg PA, just amazing. The Little Wing rendition had a Texas flavor to the guitar tone, maybe a nod to SRV??

  22. Bill keesecker

    I am 60 years young and have seen Jeff every time he has played in the Seattle area. The new band is awesome! Just got Live in Toyko and have listened to a bunch of times! Can never get enough Jeff!!!! Come back to Seattle soon. Can’t wait to hear new album on the 5th!!! Keep playin’

  23. Robert B Guttry

    Jeff Beck is the best guitar player in the world. Cedar Park Texas show was outstanding.

  24. Herbert Binder

    Jeff Beck! My English is not good enough to say how much Jeff Beck means to me. Thank you Jeff Beck, thank you so much for the phantastic music and guitar performance you gave to the world. God bless you!


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